Tommaso Tanini – H. said he loved us

H. said he loved us
After 3 years of researches and trips to Germany, H. Said He Loved Us begins with the study on the Ministry for State Security ( STASI ) in the former Eastern Germany. It shows how it felt to live under a State of suspicions and distrust.
The fictional narration of the work combines documentary and references from literature, making Tommaso Tanini’s work a personal allegory of authoritarianism and repression, going beyond the borders of the historical moment.
The images in H. Said He Loved Us show a world without names of references, giving it a more psychological aspect. Anonymous gazes and details on a urban landscape evoke a creepy stillness, to be contemplated.
This landscape brings up the stories of five victims from Stasi and, through the combination of portraits, original documents, notes and images, these stories find new nature and become nobody’s reports open to new interpretations.
Structured as a patchwork of tracks and sensations, H. Said He Loved Us warns people on the nature of any form of totalitarianism, without imposing one-sided points of view or falling into clichés.

Tommaso Tanini, 1979: graduated in Photography at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, lives and work in Rome. In 2013, together with M.F.G. Paltrinieri and Mirko Smendel, he founds Discipula, a research platform concerning photography and visual arts.

With the use of different strategies and with a particular focus on the methods of narration, Discipula searches for the production, the usage of images as well as for the connection between facts and fiction in the formation of significance.

In order to carry out art projects that can go beyond institutional and conventional spaces, Discipula teaches, produces and distributes its works in limited- edition books and other prints.

H. Said He Loved Us, Discipula Editions, 2014

2015 H. Said He Loved Us; Spazio Labò, Bologna, Italy
2015 H. Said He Loved Us; Sifest, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy
2015 H. Said He Loved Us; curata da Louise Clements – Format Festival, Derby, UK2014 H. Said Ho Loved Us; curata da Federica Chiocchetti – Kunsthalle Mélycsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

2015 H. Said He Loved Us; Organ Vida International Photography Festival, Zagreb, Croatia2014 Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies; curata da Angel Luis Gonzales Fernandez – PhotoIreland, Dublino, IE

2015 Le Prix du Livre de Les Rencontres d’Arles, France
2015 Premio Marco Bastianelli for the best Italian self published photobook, Italy
2014 Premio Marco Pesaresi per la fotografia contemporanea, Italy
2015 The Anamorphosis Prize, New York, US
2015 The Lucy Award, in the Book Publisher of the Year Limited Support Category, New York, US
2015 International Photography Competition, Guernsey Photography Festival, Guernsey, UK