Martin Errichiello e Filippo Menichetti – In quarta persona

The latest fifty years of Italian history are mysterious. Nowadays, some stories and events that have characterized it still remain untold, censored, or removed in a worst case scenario. From North to South, the country is bonded in neglect.

“Remembering” is a key tool to help building a fragmented identity, evoking lost bonds, claiming what was lost or taken once. On this concern, In Quarta Persona (pro)poses a dynamic and critical analysis of the recent history of Calabria, as a comprehension of its present status.

The geographical place is mapped, studied and elaborated as a patchwork of personal and collective experiences, where in the spotlight there is a specific place – in Calabria, as well as in many other places in the South- telling a story in its anthropological, political and environmental complex stratification, from 1364 to the present.

Allegorical and evasive, set as a documentary or mise en scene, my images tell us about this timeframe. I have collected them while crossing the A3 Salerno- Reggio Calabria highway and they become, through photos, objects, documents and videos, a group voice, our imaginary group: in fourth person ( In Quarta Persona).

Filippo Menichetti was born in Florence in 1986. In 2009, after graduating in Psychology at “La Sapienza” of Rome he decided to entirely embrace photography. After a year traveling between the United States, Europe and Asia he attended a master’s degree in photojournalism and reportage to the Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome.

There he approached large format photography with a project on the urban landscape (“Ostia”, 2010) directing his gaze to the interactions between man and his environment. He has collaborated with documentary photographer Giuseppe Moccia to the realization of “A Third Landscape?” a research on the abandonment of ski’s infrastructure in northern Italy. In 2012 he founded the collective PanAut with other authors of the Danish School of Media and Journalism where he graduated with “What Remains – meditations on a landscape”, produced on the West Coast of Denmark. In late 2013 he moved to Naples (IT), where he lives and works.

Martin Errichiello is a visual author born in Napoli in 1987. Since 2008 he pursues a free, personal investigation of the visual language through different medias. In 2010 he graduates in photography and visual communication at the CFP “Bauer” of Milan with an internship with the artist Raffaela Mariniello. He’s the founder, photographer and writer of Subbart Magazine, monthly self-published zine of reportages, urban arts and emerging authors’ tales. He collaborated to editorial projects with social cooperatives and with multimedia studios in the audiovisual production as DoP and assistant director (Mubeio Studio, Kaos Prod., Royal college of Art).

From 2011, he starts a research with the anthropologist Carlotta Napolitano, producing several projects. In 2012 he was selected for the Visual Storytelling course at the Danish School of Media (attending lectures by Antoine d’Agata,Kent Klich, Nina Korhonen) where he also founded Panaut Collective, an international cross-media network of visual artists.

He’s now based in Napoli, working as freelance filmmaker for several cinematographic production companies.