Il Festival

art direction D.O.O.R.

From the festival La Misura del Paesaggio, Photòpia aims to become a platform for possible languages that characterize the documentary photography.

The topic of this year is LandSpaces. The twisted words relive the original idea of the festival, relating to the great influence that the movement New Topographics had on the landscape photography. Photòpia will deal with the Space, that is the physical and material delimitation of the territory. The aimed and then reached spaces from the refuges who approached Mediterranean Sea, the ones living in the post industrial cities of Northern Europe or those imposed by the communist Empire in Eastern Germany.

The surrounding spaces of the path that goes from Salerno to Reggio Calabria, a symbol of wished and never come true wealth or the spaces created by the natural fires or arsons have changed the asset of the Mediterranean Area. Then the mental spaces, created while lost in the maze of knowledge, art and architecture, literature or derive from a closer look at the reality where the laws of the universe and physics make common what seems to be ordinary at first sight.

The seven exposed authors will share with the attendants through lectures, portfolio analysis and simple conversation , their common view around photography as more than just simple observation of reality, but more as a deep and clear narration. Photography as interpretation, result of a perception multi-sensorial.

LandSpaces will be handled by D.O.O.R, a factory from Rome born as a vehicle for the diffusion the making of, realization and the diffusion of visual culture.